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Cutting images in dreamweaver

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Cutting images in dreamweaver

Hey guys,

I am having a bit of trouble with a psd file. Does anybody know how to cut images from a psd file in dreamweaver and implement them to html?
I would really appreciate it if someone could help us out.

PM me if you have experience or know how to do this and we can discuss further.

Thanks in advance.
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You can't cut something from a PSD (photoshop) file only using Dreamweaver unfortunately.

What you'll need to do is cut your image from the .PSD file using another program first and save it as a .JPG (jpeg) and then insert the picture into your HTML.

You do this by first using a program that can open PSD files like Photoshop or if dont' have Photoshop and you have Dreamweaver maybe you also have Fireworks, or if not you can use GIMP which is free to download.

Once you have one of these programs you'll be able to open the .PSD file.

Secondly the easiest thing to do then is to save that .PSD file as a .JPG file.

Then open the .JPG file you just made and CUT the part of the image you want out and save it as a new file in .JPG format again, which is compatible with HTML. (.PSD isn't compatible with HTML - besides .PSD file sizes are massive and would take forever to download anyway.)

To impliment a image into HTML using Dreamweaver the easiest way is to go CTRL+ALT+I to insert an image and you just browse for the cut .JPG file you made and saved in the step above.

If you have any bothers you can PM me is you want and hopefully I get it, I dunno about PM's as I'm new to Affiliorama and have never used the PM function before but I'm guessing it will be fine.
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