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Customer Transfer FTP

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Customer Transfer FTP

Not sure where to put this, so this seems like a good start.

Need some sort of file transfer prgoram for a graphics design company. They want a page their customers can long into, and when logged in they see files that the graphics company uploaded specifically for them, and hat the customers can download without the use of special software (or at least something non-confusing). On the flip side, they want their customers to be able to send them files to make changes, examples, or for work.

I am sure there are programs like this, Ijust don't know what they are called.
Does anyone have an suggestions? It doesn't need to be something complicated.

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Hey @435pJJau251:

Normally with something like that I've traditionally used a custom-developed solution. However something that might fit your needs (but isn't free) is Egnyte,

It's a full filesharing solution, but you can brand it with your logo and provide customers with logins to view and upload files. The most basic plan (which costs US$24.99/mo) allows 5 'power users' (which allows you to backup their machines to Egnyte, and allows them to have their own home folders) and 100 'web users' (which is what you'd give your clients), and it all scales from there.

To be honest, you'd find out better whether it'd fit your needs just by using it; it has a free 15-day trial, so I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out and seeing how it works for you.

Just to give you that URL again,
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Have a browse through ... anagement/

One stood out called looked very nice, similar to the file manager used in cPanel hosting

Using a script rather than a service does mean you will need to be comfortable in installing scripts on webhosting but I bet if you can install Wordpress, then you could install on of these
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