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Creating websites with a specific "look"

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Creating websites with a specific "look"


I really like the format used on the website. Would it be ok to promote computer utility software with that format? If so, where do I learn how to create that look?

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What exactly do you like about the site? "Format" is a little vague for me. Do you like the graphics? The colours? The layout? The wallpaper background? The way the articles are structured? The products that are being promoted?

If you just like the look of the page, you can do as aspiring web designers have done for years and years, which is going view > source and stealing the source code. Change the colours, change the images and make sure you remove all references to dog obedience advice, otherwise you might end up sending us your affiliate commissions!

Of course its always better to learn how to do it yourself, although you can learn a lot from stealing source code. One of our web designers taught herself that way! If you want to learn more, visit . The guy gives pretty straightforward tutorials for HTML.

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