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Creating a power Username and Password login

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Creating a power Username and Password login


I'm creating an authority site at the moment. I am aiming for three types of markets, Teachers/Colleges, Students and General Interest.

What I want to do is have them register all the relevant details (that hopefully I can customize) and have it saved to a database... like access or something easy to work with.

Does anyone know of a powerful solution to this request?

Failing that Adrian/Mark etc would you be able to find out what solution you implemented for tracking users and sending emails to them on At least that might give me some insight into the answer to this question.

Thanks a lot in advance. Simon.

P.S. I've been trying to learn ColdFusion and I'm making ground but it's slow going and I'm hoping there's an easier way out there, even if I have to pay, I'm losing money with each passing day and relatively little progress being made here!!! :-D
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Hey Simon,

Have you watched all the videos on creating authority sites with Joomla? (Check in the Affilorama Updates... we've looked at it a couple of times) That sounds like exactly what you're after. There are heaps of plugins that are designed to do just what you requested, and the whole push behind Joomla is that it's user friendly.

I'd have a look at that before teaching yourself Coldfusion :)

All the best,
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