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Creating a Header using GIMP

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Creating a Header using GIMP

Hi All,

I'm creating a header, trying to blend the image with the rest of the gradient like Aletta in video 4.2 (15:20), except I'm restricted to using GIMP.

Anyone know how to do it?
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Hi Gotham,
You should be able to use the blur tool.
It would be a long post if I wrote it all out here but you can search Google for
"blending with Gimp"
Here is one you tube video I found.. ... re=related
some of the online tutorials are really good for beginners.

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If you look in the different gradients you can do, you should be able to find one that does FG to Transparent. Do that gradient on a separate layer or you can do a FG to BG on a mask layer.

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