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Could you please review my site,

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Could you please review my site,

Dear Friends,

My name is Ken, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am writing asking for someone to review my first affiliate web site. I do realize it is in a very competitive area, but it was just something I knew quite a bit about.

I am a complete Learner Driver with all this, and I need an honest opinion of what I have done so far. If you want to knock me around the head, please do so, I just need to know if I have done the right thing, or do I need to change the whole format.

I have made 3 sales with Clickbank on this site, but the PPC costs far exceeded the returns. Everything has come to a dead stop for some reason.

I am trying to learn as much about SEO as I can, but there are so many people telling you so many different things.

The site URL is (Sheds and Plans)

Hope someone can help me.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Wilson
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I think the site looks good and reads really well, very nice!

Maybe you should stop paying for clicks and just work on getting backlinks from relevant sites and maybe some article submission with links. Maybe allow posting of shed stories, tips, tricks.

Let it stew while you start another one.
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When I went to your site "Uncategorized" sort of jumped in front of my eyes, it being red and all. You don't really want "uncategorized" there. Think of appropriate category names for your posts.
Also, the info on the homepage sort of overwhelmed me. It's just too much to read. You should break it down to shorter posts.
And moderate the comments posted on your site to make sure it's not being spammed.
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