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Copyright from other sources?

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Copyright from other sources?

One of the topic that I am thinking is about Health and Fitness......

My wife love R magazine (fitness magazine from US) and it indeed have many good articles on it. On the the initial several pages, they wrote short interestiing articles with cartoon pictures and when I read them, it gives practical knowledge of what we usually want to ask but do not know the answer. When I read readers comment, most of the magazine readers love their articles (usually the new customers) and end up to buy it every month.

Now the interesting thing is that the magazine did not write the articles by themselves but referring to a source (i.e. Journa Strength Conditional Research, American Journal Preventive Medicine, etc). So, the concept is to search interesting articles, select them and post them by referring the sources.

If I do the same concept (without writing some of the articles by myself), do I tresspass the copyright on online business particularly for AM? I believe by doing a research on interesting articles will put value on the site since we can select them based on what we focus/position our web. isn't it?


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The only thing I can think of at the moment is to use article from article directories. This allows you to keep the copyright and link back to the authors website.

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If you've got some publications from which you'd like to reprint articles, why not visit the publication's website or contact them directly and see what their reproduction policy is?

Otherwise, like Adrian said, there are heaps and heaps of article directories out there with articles written by experts (and non-experts -- quality can vary) that you can freely use on your site so long as you include the resource box with the link to their site.

And then there are PLR articles which you're welcome to use, edit, claim as your own, but to access these you need to subscribe to a service.

Lots of options!

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