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Cookies ?!

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Cookies ?!

newbie here i know how to build a site and i think i know how to upload on the net but for what i wanna do i will be needing tracking cookies .. this concept i dont get is there any tutorials in affilorama which i havnt seen on how u set these coockies etc. basically i know nothing about these ...anything you could tell me relating these would be helpful ty
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Understanding and using cookies properly can get quite complicated and is more of a Web Programming issue than an affiliate one. As such I don't think we've made any tutorials about it.
If you give some more detail about what, specifically, you are trying to achieve then perhaps we can direct you to an appropriate tutorial, or explain how to do it!
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hi guys!
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Hi Dom to get up to speed on cookies (what they are) you can do a search on google and find some pretty good resources. Now for tracking, you can use google analytics or a good tracking service.

I hope this helps you,
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