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Choosing a Domain and Site Structure

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Choosing a Domain and Site Structure

Hi Guys

Can I pick your Super Affiliate Brains for a few minutes please? I really do need some fundamental advice on my plan. In fact if anybody is up for a chat on the phone feel free and PM me, really that be a great move, I will send you some Jaffa cakes over, big promise!

I have managed to acquire a Domain took me 2 hours to get a .com domain ( because of finding good words which are still one day we all will be mixing and matching all the Super words out there and all .com's have been taken..No matter which way around you put them...

OK here it goes chaps..

Don't worry about the actual site and what's on it yet, I have just been messing around and put a homepage up. I haven’t even mapped out yet what I am going to put in yet...that's just me , it's like when I read a paper when I sit in a greasy cafe in England, I buy the SUN , look at page 3 girl and then the football on the last page and slowly work my way backwards.

Anyway, my question is: Is there a disadvantage of having such a broad domain name? Let’s say I start building my page empire soon and I decide to build a page about, sports betting and then cooking and then cleaning tips and then a page about salsa dancing..
Rather than buying a domain name for each it there a problem or challenge with SEO if I structure my page likes this ... lltips.htm ... /pizza.htm
The reason why I have chosen such a broad domain is simply that I haven’t got an exact idea yet what the website will consist of, which niche I am promoting, what articles to write etc etc, so me being a smarta.. lol I get a name which is pretty much universal..
By just employing Sub-Directories or Sub Domains, brand them just like the homepage and keep all sub's branded like the home page to maintain consistency.
What would you recommend me to do with my homepage; it won’t be important for navigating as each subdirectory will effectively do a job as a home page for that directory…

For example subdirectory cooking has the navigation for all the cooking related sites..only!? The home page really is really not so important for the subdirectories..

Any comments are welcome, it’s been going around in my brain for a while now thank you.
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Doing something broad can work (just look at but it's going to take a lot more effort than if you were to nichify.

I personally prefer to focus on one niche and stay on track with that, then build another site about another niche. As long as your pages are siloed properly, there shouldn't be a problem, but it will take more effort.
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