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Changing a domain name, simple or rocket science?

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Changing a domain name, simple or rocket science?

Hi all,

Due to Google's Adwords new & it seems (from what I've read) more accurate search results figures, I need to change my domain name for a Wordpress site that I've almost finished. My domain name was based around a keyword that Adwords was showing as 40k but since their changes last week it now seems to be below 1k per month...cheers Google.

My new site has around 20 pages & is almost finished, I haven't done any backlinks yet so no harm will be done changing the domain name but what's the easiest way to do it?

I have Googled for the answer & it seems to be more than one method, editing sql files, wp-config, creating an entirely new database!?! Don't suppose there's any software or plugin out there that does the job?

Wishful thinking I know, is it straight forward or a pain?

Thanks for any help.
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One thing to realize is that search counts for words fluctuate. Searches typically rise and fall. A phrase that might be hot this month might be cold this month only to get hot again in a few months, so I wouldn't abandon a domain just because a keyword is suddenly "unpopular". Not only that, but domain names only have a limited influence on rankings. It can help, but it isn't a critical component of ranking.
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