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Can you ever have too many alt tags and links on your page?

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Can you ever have too many alt tags and links on your page?

Does anyone know if there is an optimum range for the amount of alt tags on images (using primary keywords) and the use of link? canyou over do it and get penalised?

Should you use a mix of primary and secondary keywords on the alt tags?

And lastly, do alt tags really matter at all in regards to SEO weightings? I only got the idea from XsitePro when you do the SEO check.

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Image tags are a good opportunity to get your primary KWs some more exposure on the page. Of course, the same general rules as placing KWs in the text of a page also apply here: don't force it.

Supposedly there's a penalty for KW stuffing in the Alt attribute in image tags. Just remember what the Alt attribute is really for - people who have images turned off in their browser. This is done either to speed page loads or you also have vision-impaired people who are using text-to-speech readers.

Imagine what the visitor experience is like for a blind person who must endure KW-stuffing in Alt image tags - "Internet marketing, make money online, work from home, affiliate programs,..."

Just put a descriptive bit of text in the Alt attribute that also has your primary KW and leave it at that. It really doesn't make a huge difference with SEO, but every little bit adds up.

An additional benefit is getting indexed in image search results like Google Images.

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