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Can I get a Professional Review?

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Can I get a Professional Review?

Hi all,
I am new to Affilorama and so far very happy with this forum. I am sort of new to affiliate marketing but am long time familiar with the market. I am missing a lot of information and I am sure i will get it here. I am patient and eager and willing to learn. I have been working night and days on my health products review site and finally brought it to where I think it should be. I have many products on it, but the usual stories with newbies: no sales ! Is this the right place to get my site reviewed by you, the professionals? I am willing to change and do whatever it takes to succeed in this business.

So, if I am in the right place, my website is:

Thanks all
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Your site looks good, very professional and I think you should be very happy with it. Full site reviews are available for our Premium members but you'll find a lot of helpful information in the forums on good design tips for affiliates, and what strategies work best.

I had a quick look at your site, and would probably just recommend that you make your affiliate links more obvious on the page, keeping it above the fold (where people can see them). Also the red cross logo is probably better down the page so its not so distracting. And your menu icons along the top should be clickable. Have links open in the same window too.

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Hope you don't mind me adding to this Mark.
Your site looks ok, but to me it lacks any real content (at the moment).
It also looks like you are just trying to sell me some stuff.
I understand it is a review site but when I land on that home page does it make me want to click on the blog?
Maybe directing people to the blog would be a good idea.
I would have made the blog the Main page and then linked it to separate reviews (just my opinion)
I realize you have a blog attached to it with content but the content is duplicate content.
Well, at least the content I checked.

Anyway, welcome to Affilorama and try out the premium option like Mark suggested.

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