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Can I change the header on the Wordpress Blogs?

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Can I change the header on the Wordpress Blogs?

i wanted to start blogging for my site just to get some content on, but i hate the header it comes with. is there any way to completely change it or do i have to find another theme thats already there and use one of those? please help.
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I'd answer you but I never use WP. I'll let someone else chime in :)

If I had to take a stab at it, I would surely say there is a way to do it... would seem kinda of poor if WP didn't allow that.
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Yup, you sure can. How you do it depends on how the header has been built... whether it just has an image in the top (which will be written in the "header" file), or whether the image is a background image (which will probably be written in the "stylesheet" CSS.) .... or whether its simply a collection of CSS styles (again, in the "stylesheet" CSS).

If you know a bit of HTML and CSS, you should be able to do it, it's usually just a matter of hopping backwards and forwards between the files and tweaking things, although it can be a bit of a mind bender trying to locate everything.

If you're not sure how to even get to all of this... when you're in your wordpress admin section, go "presentation > theme editor"

Good luck!
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