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Buying a Domain Name off new Sites - Opinions?

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Buying a Domain Name off new Sites - Opinions?

Hi Everyone!

I've seen a couple of times now where people are asking their newsletter list to purchase a name on a recently set up website which promises to be advertised for x number of years and promoted in any number of ways.

These sites look similar to what the tag page on Technorati looks like with the bigger fonts being the more popular tags only with these kinds of sites you can purchase some of these words in different colors or pay the top price (I've seen $50 so far) for a custom one.

My initial gut feeling is to steer clear of these as it is just a novelty item. I honestly can't see any typical web surfer getting to a page like that and taking it seriously.

Does anyone here have an opinion about them?

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I agree, I think it's just a novelty, a fad that won't last long. Joel Comm from Adsense Secrets had the software developed that makes those type of sites. It was a briliant idea, he did incredibly well selling the keywords on his site so he licensed the software to several other marketers. Now those sites are starting to spring up everywhere.

In my opinion it's just the one's who set up the sites will make the money, for now.

The sites could get tons of traffic from people who are curious what it's all about, but what is the motivation to click thru on the keywords to your site?

Just some thoughts,
John T
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