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Building up older website

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Building up older website

Hi guys,

I have just recently started putting effort into one of my older websites (from 2007)

After i built the site way back then i lost all drive in the niche and put all my effort into another of my sites

Well i have been working a lot on this site again (design,mini course, newsletter emails etc..)
and i wanted to know if im headed in the right direction with it.

the site is

like i said its a older domain but there are no baclinks and few articles and not a lot of traffic
but im working on more articles and backlinks at the moment.

So how does it look? im not getting enough traffic to gauge my efforts.
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Looks nice

I think a picture of a person playing the guitar would look better.

I would probably do a review site in this niche, rating the top programs like Jamorama.

I would put your picture with a short bio in the side bar. the bio should give them a reason to listen to you.

You could still try to get sign -ups with a pop over.

P.S. you will find that an older domain really helps with SEO.
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J.C. Dean

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