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Building a Content / Article Site - Best layout?

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Building a Content / Article Site - Best layout?

Hi Guys

This may seem like a bit of a dumb question but im going to ask it anyway because im new and i don't know the answer.

Im currently setting up a content site and will have lots of articles/ content as mark suggests in the 90 day program. Im just a bit confused about setting up the actual article page/s.
Im wondering what is the best method.

Do i have a main article home page which breaks up articles into different categories, then under each category place the titles of each article and make it a link to the full article and if i do this is it best to have that whole article open up into a new page or do i have all articles on the same page and when the link is pressed at the top, it takes you straight down to the start of that article.

Im currently building a website from one of the website tonight accounts (through affilorama hosting) which has all the templates etc setup. This website only allows me 5 pages and im thinking now that if i need to build a site which requires alot of content in regards to articles then 5 pages will not be sufficient.

What are your suggestions :?:

Thanks :?:
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No such thing as a dumb question, so dont worry about that.

I prefer reading a single page with a single article on it, rather than a huge page, even if you are taken straight to the right one. But thats just me.

I dont know what you mean by website tonight, but do you use an editor like Dreamweaver or something?
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My advice would be to have a main article home page breaking your articles down into categories, as you say. Then when people click on one of those categories, they're taken to another page listing articles in that category.

Take a look at sites like, or even for examples of how your articles should be indexed. Also take a look at the interviews and notes provided by Charles Heflin in the Affilorama members area -- he goes into great depth on how to structure your site to get the best search engine rankings. Really important stuff.

Don't have all your articles in one category shoved into one page. That almost completely defeats the purpose of having the articles, since it makes it really difficult to SEO that page when there's so much competing info on it.

You're absolutely going to need more than five pages. For your purposes I don't think those packages are particularly suitable. (They're not packages I've created myself for Affilorama members... I have a relationship with a hosting provider who is allowing me to resell their products below the usual cost). You can go with the cheapest hosting package ($3.99/month) which gives you 5Gb storage, 250Gb traffic and as many pages as you want. I think that would be much more suitable.

If you're not a whiz with your web design, there are heaps of template sites out there, and quite a few of them are free. ( for one). If you can invest a little time in learning a bit about web design you'll be doing yourself a HUGE favour.

I hope that helps. Let us know how you get on.

- Mark
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