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ATTEN: Affilotheme Developers

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ATTEN: Affilotheme Developers

What would cause the stylesheet to disappear from all my installed & updated Affilotheme on different domains?
I had sites up and running perfectly...

Did I forget to tick the box to de-activate the random self destruct mode?

I even tried re-downloading from this site....and re-installing them....WP advises me the theme is sheet is missing...
I am no expert....BUT..... I didn't create this fiasco

I'm thinking this was released wayyyyy too soon
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I got the theme working but have had several problems with it and now have a lot of validation errors.

I started a thread on wordpress trying to solve the validation errors but was told "the theme seems to be either badly edited or the upload of the theme was incomplete that created the problem". So i tried to download the theme again and upload into wordpress and voila.......the same validation problems.

Not sure if the theme was released too early but there isn't much talk about it on this forum which makes me think not many people here use it or out of sight out of mind.
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