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Article links please help.

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Article links please help.

Hello everyone! I have a godaddy website tonight account and I can't figure out how to set up a column of links to my articles. I have a few questions about this dilemma, first: Do I just make a new page and put the article in it, and have a link of my homepage to that page? When I tried this, it added the article link next to the home link.

My second question is, if I really can't figure this out, would my website be less effective if I just had a link that said articles that, would lead to a seperate page full of article links? Instead of having a list of articles on the home page?

I hope this wasn't to confusing, and I REALLY hope someone can help me.

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Hi Chino and welcome :)

No need to fear - you have the forum for help :wink:

As for your questions....

1) I do not use GoDaddy website building software but I am sure it is not difficult. Are you able to make any kind of text a link in it? Let's say your article is called test.html

What you would do is highlight a word on your homepage and then link it to /test.html

Does that make sense?

2) It would be better if you could link to your articles from your homepage, but this is miniscule to worry about at this point.

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