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Any suggestions to replace Nice PayPal plugin?

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Any suggestions to replace Nice PayPal plugin?

Embarrassing Problem With Plugin/ Could cost Sales

I have 2 websites that use Nice PayPal Button Lite. I may lose a $269 sale for a chess set from a customer in France. Here is the problem: This particular plugin works fine for customers in the USA. There is no problem at the checkout screen for foreign customers. But the plugin malfunctions when a foreign customer clicks on the "Proceed to PayPal" button. It will not accept an address that does not contain a USA state so the customer never reaches the PayPal screen to make payment.
When I contacted PayPal about the problem they offered a solution that does not work for my situation. They wanted me to go into their website into a section that is supposed to allow you to alter javascript code for function calls to PayPal. I have very little understanding of javascript and the plugin I was using did not come directly from PayPal. It came from Wordpress.
What I want to do is replace the Nice PayPal Button Lite plugin with another one that works regardless of whether the customer is in the USA or a foreign country.
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You can check out the alternatives here.
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