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Affilotheme problems with Visual mode

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Affilotheme problems with Visual mode

I'm trying affilotheme for a new WP site and forr some reason my visual mode in new posts or pages has disappeared and i cannot type anything in that mode. I can in HTML. In the visual mode, the toolbar has disappeared, and in order to see what I typed in HTML I have to hold my mouse button over the visual box and it highlights it in blue. This is not my 1st time with WP sites and this has never happened before.

Any ideas anyone before I switch themes?

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Contact support, they will look into it.
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Hi alavut,

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't having the best possible experience with Affilotheme. Please email us through the contact form in our support page. If possible, please include temporary admin logins to your email so that we can look further into the issue.

Hope to hear from you soon. All the best!
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