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Affilotheme - Good For Affiliate Stores?

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Affilotheme - Good For Affiliate Stores?


I am going to purchase the Affiloblueprint program which I know comes with the Affilotheme. I am pursuing affiliate marketing.

However, I am also building an online affiliate store associated with my website. Currently, I'm using the Avada theme which as Woo Commerce.

I know Affilotheme is great for affiliate marketing, but Would the Affilotheme work for this application?

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Hey William,

AffiloTheme is more designed for content sites, rather than eCommerce sites. If you're happy with the Avada theme, I'd recommend sticking with it for your affiliate site too so that you have a consistent feel across your site (and so that you don't have to learn a whole new theme!).

The only problem you might encounter is that AffiloTheme is demonstrated in AffiloBlueprint. There could be some instances where we say "do this", but you might not have that option ready and waiting in Avada. It'll probably take a little more figuring out, but nothing particularly major.
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