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Hellow folks, can anyone shede some light on this issue.
Lesson 4, video 1, General Settings, Last paragraph: Time zone UTC+0 : Do I have to insert the
name of my city here or is the below statement referring to it, Quote

"Don’t change the WordPress address or site address if you’re using AffiloTheme hosting since
these are controlled by AffiloTheme hosting, and they will break if you change them, so bear that
in mind. If you’re self-hosting then things could be different, I’m not sure. I’m just saying if you’re
using AffiloTheme’s hosting then don’t change those."

what is the statement referring to?
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Hi azubro,

Mark is referring only to the WordPress address or site address if you are using Affilotheme Hosting. This can cause your site to become inaccessible.

You should be able to change the timezone of your site.

Hope that helps. Have a good weekend!
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