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Affiliate product: on its own page?

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Affiliate product: on its own page?

Mark recommends to build a site with abt 30 pages, each with content based on some relevant 3+ word keywords.
Fine, I got plenty of content.
Now Mark also advises to take 4 or 5 pages and makes those host to an affiliate product each, with some "new" content on that product and of course the hoplink. Got a big question here.
To write with any degree of credibility about a product, even "snake oil" and "get rich quick" stuff, you need to understand at least a little what you're dealing with. So, even the best BS artist needs a cue and that means in fact that I will have to buy that product. That's not so cool.
What are your thoughts about building pages with 1 big column of truly good quality content, relevant to the site theme and to use a side column for a 2nd story, this time about the affiliate product you try to flog.

Eric in singapore
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