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Adsense in review site

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Adsense in review site

Hey guys,

I am building my first review site, and I have a question.

Should I use Google AdSense on my website or instead, should I use an eye catching banners instead?

What is better for an affiliate site that based what we learned on marks affilobluptint course?

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Hi Ormarket,

I might jump in here with my own experience and suggest that if you use Google Adsense ensure you have completely built your website as instructed by Aletta and Mark first. If you try to use Adsense too early and your site has inadequate content, etc., Google may remove their ads from your website and your PR may take a tumble. Google prefers fat juicy sites.

Good luck. :)
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Well, If you want people to click away from your site to a competitors site and you make a few cents then yes.. google adsense is good.
If you want to sell a product with a banner and earn 70% commission then go for the banners.

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