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1 Yr Old Website For Sale

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1 Yr Old Website For Sale

Hi guys,

I have a 1 year old mini site for sale.

It's a mini site promoting 1 product in the "home improvement" niche.

The domain name has the "product name keyword" in it. So it reads
Yes, it's a .COM domain.

It has 4 (yes, FOUR) UNIQUE articles on it with each article around 350 to 400 words.
The articles have been written in proper English.

It is built on the Thesis theme, and everything is SEO optimised for their target keywords on each post. You get the Thesis theme as well.

Links have also been built to it initially, but I'm focusing on other projects and don't have time to maintain this site.

The site has 'age' so you can build links to it quicker than a 'new site'.

This is a nice looking mini site which I don't have time for anymore hence why I'm selling.

I'm looking to sell it for $200.

Email me at jenz71(at) if you're interested.

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Hi Jenny,

Have you tried Flippa?

Does the site get traffic? Has it made any sales?
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