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Wordpress & SEO Automation?

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Wordpress & SEO Automation?

Hi there

Is anyone using the Affiloblueprint theme and adding a blog platform to the site so articles can be automatically added for additional long tail ranking. In other words, using robotic AMA article posting on the long tail keywords that dont justify their own article.

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We use AMA to distribute articles that have links back to our affiliate sites. We would not want to publish articles from AMA on our sites because those articles contain links to other sites and these will take people (and sales) away from our affiliate websites. The only links that we would normally want on our affiliate sites are our affiliate links.
Also, the Affiloblueprint theme is configured so that it shows pages and not posts.
If you want to have content for your site without doing the hard work, you can consider outsourcing your articles or using PLR articles.
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