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Will transferring domain name affecting Google PR

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Will transferring domain name affecting Google PR

I bought a hosting package comes with a online site builder and created a website with the online site builder without knowledge of HTML code. The online site builder is not so good. So I decided to cancel the hosting and I'll lose my website except my domain name and transfer to another web host provider also offer a free site builder but it is a offline site builder like MS Front Page. What are the thinks and HTML code I must take care so that my website will still remain in search engines index and stay with the current Google page rank?

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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Yes, but if you use a 301 redirect, you should be able to save some of that.
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As long as you keep your Domain name and properly transfer all your files and pages to the new webhost, the effects are minimal. Transferring to a new host will change your IP address but as long as it's the same Domain name, you'll be fine.

Transferring to a better webhost is actually a good move.
I suggest you go to this page: What to Look For in a Hosting Provider
This will give you more information on how to choose your webhosting provider.

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