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who would like to share the best seo/backlink software?

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who would like to share the best seo/backlink software?

i would like to know about the best seo software for submission to search engines and directories.
also share any automated backlink creator software.

You may also include the trial key or full key for the software.

I am tired of keeping on trying software's and know that getting advice from a person who have been using a product is better than from someone else.

i know there are great software's out there but we can only know of them if recommended by users.

Lastly is there a software that can enable people to offer comments on my numerous posts on my blog as i would like to increase comments

Lets take Seo to the next level.
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LinkAssistant has a software that you can download. The free software edition is limited however it will function providing data that is needed. In this way you can test out the software. Later when you can afford to upgrade to the full-version you can.

The full program is quite powerful. I highly recommend the program to anyone working on the SEO of their website.

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I can't say that I implemented any of the strategies discussed in there yet, but the information in there is amazing for the price point. He goes into some very advanced techniques in the advanced sections and instructions are very clear and easy to follow. All the basics are also there so newbies can star
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