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Where do I put hoplink codes?

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Where do I put hoplink codes?

Hi Marc,
I have several websites set up using plr pro and waw and have just begun adding some affiliate programs from affilorama but do not know where i should put the hoplink code?
I have put it into the html but the links do not work? Also where can i get banners etc for these hoplinks from?
Lastly , how many affiliates should i include in my site.....is there a limit and should they be just on the home page or on any pages?
Thanks for your help.
(WIS WLondon)
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Hi Sharon,

Lets say that your clickbank id is sharon99.

Lets also say that the hoplink code is widget23.

Then in order to link to the product via your affiliate link you need to link to:


and example is if you are linking to rocket spanish, you'd use:


I hope that makes sense for you.

Also, there is no limit to the number of affiliate products that you promote on your website, you just need to do it in an optimal way, which usually means think from your user's perspective when they visit your website.

What problems are they having?

What are they thinking?

And how do you get them to take the action that you desire?

Also how do you make your site keep its' credibility while getting people to buy the affiliate product they are looking for?

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