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What's the correct way to post on blogs?

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What's the correct way to post on blogs?

So we are trying to get link backs to our site by commenting on blogs and forums. When you fill out the comments you put your name and URL and comment in the boxes. For the name box are we suppose to be putting our name in the box or are we suppose to be using our keyword as the anchor text? If we use our name does this affect anything in this whole back linking strategy or SEO? Most posts I see are names and not keywords and if we do use our keywords what are the chances of it being deleted because the blog moderator sees it as being spammy. Any thoughts please?
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I do a lot of blog commenting and I will always have a look first to see if the moderator is letting anyone post keywords in the name field. Check a few different posts and if you see some keywords there you are good to go. If not either test it out or do not comment their.

Another thing you could try out is to include your name but a keyword in quotes as well in the name field such as Rob "lose weight fast" Jones
sometimes this works.

Hope that helps a bit!
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