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What place cloaking, if any?

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What place cloaking, if any?

I have heard some talk about cloaking programs that hide affiliate links and reduce link theft.

What place if any do cloaking programs have in affiliate marketing?

Are any cloaking programs particularly useful?
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I personally cloak all of my affiliate links. I do not have any evidence to indicate there is an actual benefit to cloaking the links. In reality, the value of cloaking may just be restricted to those niches where your visitors are internet computer savvy.

To cloak a link you are creating a page whereby the page when opening automatically directs the visitor to your affiliates website. I do not know of any cloaking specific programs. Any program that creates a page will do it.

When someone clicks an affiliate link instead of a link showing with all the information of the affiliate including your clickbank identification a neater link transfer shows a link that only indicates the click has generated a new recommends page.

Mark Ling has demonstrated how to create a cloak page in the Blog Bootcamp lessons. I believe that lesson can be found on the second week of the instruction videos.

Margene Smith
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It is better to redirect your affiliate links. You could use the Pretty Links plugin or GoCodes plugin to set up redirects. You could also follow these lessons on how to hide your affiliate link with redirects
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