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What is schema markup in SEO ?

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What is schema markup in SEO ?

what is schema markup in SEO ?

It's useful for the search engine optimizations ..
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Schema markup is simply codes that placed on the website for search engines to help return more informative results for users.

It displays more information to users on SERPs as opposed to just the meta tags of the website. There are also tons of schema markups depending what the website needs.

Schema markup is a good SEO strategy because it tells search engines what the words in your website actually mean. Like for example, Mary T. appears in the article. Mary T. is just a random word that search engines see. If you apply the schema markup, you can tell search engines that Mary T. is the author of the article.

Although schema markup is a good SEO strategy, it is most beneficial to users because of the additional, relevant information available for them when doing a search.
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