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What do you think of the product "article post robot"?

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What do you think of the product "article post robot"?

what do you think of the product "article post robot" as a way to post your article to many sites at once and drive traffic to your site/ any other suggestions ?
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I haven't purchased it, so I don't know.

I am usually wary of automated posting systems though (I prefer to do things manually most of the time), but it might work.

Has anyone else had any experience with this product that they can share?
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Yes, I use Article Post Robot all the time.
I even wrote a Article Post Robot Review, which tells you quite a bit about it.
It looks like kind of a dorky product at first because of the poor presentation, but it is actually very effective. I get a lot of backlinks this way. They also have a spinning format, but I have been using AMAutomation to do that for me.
You just need to pay attention to what you are submitting so you get it done right and don't end up with wasted effort.
Make sure you don't use it for the main ones, like EzineAritcles, do those manually.
So, all in all, I still use it regularly.
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