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What are some ways to gain experience in Market Research?

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What are some ways to gain experience in Market Research?

Hello there,

I graduated with a degree in marketing and want to begin a career in market research. I have applied for entry -level market research jobs with no luck. I have taken market research and consumer behavior classes in college, but have no work experience in market research. Does anyone know of some ways I can experience in market research to make me a more appealing job candidate?

Thanks a lot
Hellin Knighting
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I think joining forums to interact with your target market and build a relationship with them would be an effective marketing strategy. It would help you build your network and give you more knowledge so you'll be a good job candidate.

I believe the free lessons on Market Research would be helpful such as the following: What does your market want?

All the best!
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In addition, how about offering freelance market research right here on the forum in the services section? The best and only way to gain experience is by doing!
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