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Web 2.0 sites give more link juice?

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Web 2.0 sites give more link juice?

I just finished watching Mark's most recent webinar about e-commerce and Stephen(I think it was) said that in 2010 the conventional methods of link building like forum sigs and blog comments or gonna get put on the back burner and links from sites like digg squidoo etc will have more link juice.Does this mean that I should focus more on building squidoo pages than posting in forums?
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I certainly see what you are saying...
But this is just one guys opinion.
Just like Mark, he has an opinion or Joe Bloggs has an opinion.
Here is my opinion, do both.
Do as much as you can in regards to solid SEO and linking etc.. and diversify with various methods..

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I haven't watched the webinar (yet), but when I saw this (and based on some conversations I've had with my brother), my thought was that the effect on search engine ranking might be lessened, but the vast majority of traffic is more social related. I know that the vast majority of the traffic I do I never go through search. Oh, I use search to look things up, but I go to way more through signatures, profiles, forum posts, and emails than I do through search.

Case in point, the whole way I found Affilorama was a message chat with my brother.

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