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Ways to Become an SEO Expert

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Ways to Become an SEO Expert

Are you curious about how to improve your SEO skills? Are you a small business owner who wants to know a bit more about SEO?
Recently, someone emailed me to ask what resources I use and think are best for learning about search engine optimization (SEO). With some of these resources, you may wonder what is the relation to SEO. Magazines.com may seem like an odd choice, yet it works to help you with your website and SEO if you let it.
Below are the first nine of my top 27 resources, including websites and online training, that have helped me develop my skills.
This list is in no particular order. Here you go!
1. SEO Book: Aaron Wall, a delightful SEO blogger, wrote the big great book of search engine optimization. If you have the time and inclination to learn SEO, then this book will get you on your way. It’ll take study and work — no magic results unless you take action — yet the rewards you reap will help you achieve your online marketing and sales goals.
2. CopyBlogger: Thanks to Copyblogger, I wrote 9 Effective (and Slightly Badass) Ways to Use Facebook, which has been read way over 2,000 times in its short life.
CopyBlogger is my all-time favorite copywriting blog. It offers numerous articles about content creation, SEO copywriting, engaging your readers, and even idea generation. When I need inspiration for writing an article, I often come to Copyblogger. Top Tip from the Site: Use Magazines.com for headline ideas.
3. Magazines.com: If you create niche websites, then this is a great place to start research and uncover interests people want to know more about. You might find magazines on golf, fishing or knitting here. That, in turn, can generate ideas for you to pursue in terms of website or product creation.
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seo company
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Hello Carla, am delighted about your post, it offers a plethora of advice and insights, however, you haven't completed all the resources for SEO. I would like to learn more so as to acquire the knowledge and skills.
I am aware of Aaron Wall, kindly expand on the others.
Thanks for the post
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I started out at an SEO company (http://www.upsearch.co.uk) here in the UK, as a junior just over a year ago. I had no experience but had built up my knowledge by reading the SEOMoz beginners guide to SEO (http://www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seo). Great resource taking you right to the very beginning and the basics..
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