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Video Cash Method Review

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Video Cash Method Review

Hi Everyone!

Has anyone tried out Ben Shaffer's Video Cash Method? Sounds like he's got a formula for bringing video to the 1st page of Google but he doesn't elaborate very much. His 7:30 video is about 2 minutes on the product and 5 1/2 minutes of how much it costs. That alone wants me to blow it off, but... The risk is pretty low, only $27, but I'm still curious to know if anyone has bought this yet and whether or not it's worth looking into.

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Yes, I bought it a few days ago but haven't had a chance to implement it yet. It includes 4 videos about how to rank your video on Google page one for a specific keyword. It also includes a script that helps you create a video sitemap.

Couple of gotchas in this method:

1. Your site must already rank in the top 100 for the keyword your targeting
2. There must be a video already on Google Page one for the keyword your targeting.

If those two requirements are met, the videos in the course teach you (keyword research, create a video, create a video thumbnail, create a sitemap etc.) what you need to do to rank your video on Google page one by essentially piggybacking off of videos that are already ranked.

I'll try it someday once I have time to do it.
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