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Value of PR5 homepage links, as compared to PR0 inner page

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Value of PR5 homepage links, as compared to PR0 inner page


Does anyone know the approximate value of a homepage PR5 link, as compared to a PR0 link from an inner page ?

Would you need about 500 of the PR0 links to equal 1 PR5 link ?

As you go from PR0 to PR1 to PR2, etc..., is there an approximate ratio as to how many times more powerful a link gets as the PR increases ?

Thank you.
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I'm pretty sure that there is no set formula for the value of a link from a ranked site vs a non-ranked site. Google also looks at the relevancy of the link that you are getting.

Put it this way. which links do you think look more natural to Google?

A parenting site that has backlinks from relevant sites - as in other parenting sites, parent advice forums and blogs, baby and children related sites.


A parenting site that has backlinks from car review sites, jewelry sites, music blogs, internet marketing forums, electronic product reviews on Amazon ..........

Concentrate more on providing good, relevant content and getting backlinks from sites that also have good, relevant content and you will get better results. You'll also naturally find better page ranked sites in the process.
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