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Using robots.txt disallow to protect affiliate redirects

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Using robots.txt disallow to protect affiliate redirects

Hi all,

I have all of my affiliate redirects stored in a folder i.e. siteroot/redirects/affiliatelink

Rather than nofollow every affiliate link on my site I just disallow the redirects folder in my robots.txt.

Firstly am I right in assuming this will have the same effect as noindex nofollow on my individual affiliate links?
Secondly is there any chance of Google regarding this as a form of cloaking and penalising me accordingly?

Is anyone using a similar system and have you encountered any problems with Google doing it this way?

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I Do know that by disallowing a robots.txt file that a competitor can see all the affiliate links you are using.
Cloaking is showing Google one thing and the user another thing.
So I don't see what you are doing as cloaking. Maybe ask the Google forums.

Here is some info on Robots.txt but this is standard stuff.

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