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Two Single Page Domains Ranking On Page 1 - How!?!

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Two Single Page Domains Ranking On Page 1 - How!?!

Hi all,

This has been bugging me & just wanted to find out for SEO research purposes.

Can anyone tell me how xnxx.com are able to rank 2 single page domains, xnxx.org & xnxx.net, in positions 2 & 6, with just a single page that says:

`Hey! You are on xnxx.org, but xnxx is located on xnxx.com! Please Click the link below' ... nothing else on the page but that!?!

I thought Google wants to see sites with lots of pages with useful information?

The search term `xnxx' is a very competitive search term, so how are they doing it?

Thanks for any help.

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.com domains usually rank higher than .org and ,net. I search xnxx on Google and xnxx.com is at the top of the search results and not xnxx.net or xnxx.org. The .net and .org pages probably ranked before because they are linked to xnxx.com website.

Google does want to deliver quality in their search results pages. These sites rank because they are probably the most visited among all other websites in the same category.
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