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T T and follow links

mark schaaf
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T T and follow links

yes I know it is christmas day but I can't just watch TV all day long I get bored fast, anyhow I check my back links in T T almost every day just because I feel compelled to but there is one thing that is odd in the results. from one day to the next some of my e-zine article back links which only come from the little profile thing at the bottom which is where we are allowed to put in our links. anyway from one day to the next there is a check mark in the follow box and it changes one day an article will have a check mark in the follow box and 3 days later it won't then a week later the check is back. So the question is what is going on with the links, are they going from follow links to no follow links then back, To me since the links on e-zine articles aren't in the article body because we aren't allowed to put them there we are told we can only put in links to our site in the little bio thing at the bottom and you can only have 2 and that is what I have so I don't understand why there should ever not be a check in the follow column on T T, any one have any idea why this is happening and what it means. thanks Mark
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Merry Christmas, Mark :)

Can you send your search parameters to support@traffictravis.com so that we could check the results on our end?

Talk soon :)
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