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Super SEO Article Strategy video - feedback needed

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Super SEO Article Strategy video - feedback needed

Hi Everyone,

I have created a video to show you how I do it. Right now the video is free. I need help on fine tuning it if needed. I am thinking that I will use this video as bait for people to join my soon to be created newsletter.

Over the past month I have come to see that there is a need to understand how to stretch your article dollars farther. Getting articles that are of good quality content, including good spelling and grammar is not easy. We'd all like to spend far less on this article thing. Most of us hate writing articles so outsourcing seems to be the goal. However, if you could take one article that cost you $10.00 an apply my super seo strategy, you can stretch those dollars really far. You can cut back on how much you spend on your article outsourcing until you earn enough money to pay for more. This strategy works very well.

It turns one article into hundreds of backlinks and social bookmarks, plus if your article is good it can drive actual traffic to your site. I use several programs to do it. I have fully trained one gal to write/spin/ and then enter the article into my programs. I personally have to do one chore but only until I can afford to buy her the program so she can do the entire process for me. All I have to do is give her the article details and she does the rest. I love this strategy and I believe you will too.

Here's what I need to know:

1. Should I create a powerpoint that only shows the results, but not the programs I use to encourage people to join my newsletter. Or
2. Should I show this video right on the main page which will right away show people I offer great value and once they join they will get video instructions on how to use these programs to the fullest. I am planning on training people how to "train" others to do this for them. Which is all about outsourcing, the frustrations, the trial and error, and the end result, the perfect trainee to do all the work for you.
3. Is it too long? I could break it into three parts.

I do not create fancy smancy videos with lots of bells and whistles. They are direct without even a hint of fluff. I don't have time for fluff and get frustrated when I have to go through it myself. So, it may not be pretty, but it is valuable.

So, if you could help me out, provide feedback and your thoughts I'd appreciate it. I am thinking of creating this for Youtube but with Youtube I would probably want to do powerpoint and make sure people ended up on my website.

Lastly, I am using swf format. Is there a better format for embedding to your site that is more universal?

Thanks for your help,
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