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Stop words have stopped ...

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Stop words have stopped ...

... well actually they stopped a long time ago. For anyone who didn't know stop words were the little words of no consequence that search engines would ignore, meaning a phrase like "train a dog" and "train dog" were essentially identical. It was done to spare the processors on the big machines at Google and other search engines.

You still hear people talking about stop words but maybe, like me, they didn't get the memo that all the major search engines now take these words into consideration. Read this interesting post that describes it in more detail.

Now don't panic if you think you have to go away and change your keyword list - while these ex-stop words are used in the search results, due to their commonness they have much less bearing than do your main keywords e.g. WOW, warcraft, leveling guide etc.
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Thank you for keeping us updated, Jason :)
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