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Squidoo - Fun way to increase backlinks and pagerank

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Squidoo - Fun way to increase backlinks and pagerank

Want a fun way to possibly increase your backlinks and pagerank? Found a new toy. Squidoo. Apparently Google is totally digging sites made with this site. And honestly I love it. Check out my site:

Have more work to do with it. Adding feeds. The Amazon feeds are mine. You get paid or can donate to charity. There are tons of cool modules you can add.

Whatever, but the bottom line is some of these sites are getting some good PR and they are super easy to set up.

If you do check it out, please get an account and stop by my site and sign in the guestbook and rank my site. I would appreciate it. The more traffic that is generated to your site the higher your Squidoo rank which in turn gives you more Google love.

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