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Squidoo Full RSS

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Squidoo Full RSS

Hi guys,

Hope I`m allowed to post this here.

So i`m following Mr K`s method and i have built some squidoo lens and a blogger blog. My blogger blog has 2 posts with 400-500 word unique articles that link to the main pages on my site at the moment, I plan to write 1 unique article as a post with my keyword as title and then link back to same keyword article on my money site. I will then create a squidoo lens with my keyword as title for each lens i add a link to same keyword article on my money site.

At the moment i only have 15 articles on my money site but i made sure i did the review articles. I just wanted a change of scenery, i have never written an article in my life and the thought writting 30/500 word articles made my brain ache. But as i got started it wasn`t so bad it was just a case of finding an article on my niche reading it... Anyway i`m rambling.

My question is: on my squidoo lens do i put the full feed and html on in the RSS feeds? I`m slighty worried that if all my 30 squidoo lenses have an rss feed pointing to the blogger blog with 30 articles and links to my money page. My lens are going to have....... i`ll just pop up the calculator ;)...... that means that every lens will have at least 31 links back to my money page, 1 link in article for squidoo and 30 for the full feeds from blogger thats if each blogger post has only 1 link. Using this method you could end up having 930 backlinks thats cool but my lens will have 31 links to my page and 30 links to the blogger posts, that`s just stupid so i must have to limit the feeds fed into my lens to say just the post with the same keyword and the review posts, if so how could i do that?

i`m sorry about going off on a tangent, must be my newly aquired skills kicking in.... I found myself trying to think of good ways to add my keywords ;)
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