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Squidoo Content

Hey guys,

This question is following on from Mark's video on using Squidoo to build links. Let's say you have a site with an article targeting the keyword 'lose weight without taking supplements'. Is it wise to use the same keyword on your lens to drive traffic to your actual site where the affiliate offer is? Would this not be off-putting to a visitor who after reading your lens is met by more of the same information? I presume using a slightly different keyword "lose weight without taking pills' would be better as you wouldn't be tussling for the same top spot on google. Can anybody offer up any advice on this? Cheers, Mike.
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WEll, that is a somewhat bad example with squidoo specifically, simply because weightloss is on the blacklist ( not allowed to use weightloss on squidoo because of spammers).

That being said, to get into the meat of your question, as long as the content is different, having the same keywords can really help. Think about it, if you have someone who finds your squidoo lense searching for " lose weight without suplements:" and you have a link that says more tips on how to lose weight without supplements. that makes the link more apealing because that is more information on what they are looking for.

Where it becomes a problem is if you are using duplicate content, or even just a spun version of the same article. this is why I set my articles up to flow. For example, there are 3 main questions people will be looking for the answer to.

Why is this important - I answer this question with all my syndicated content

what do I have to do - answer this question with articles on my site

how do i do it? -- affiliate link to the product.
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