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Squeeze Page Traffic Advice

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Squeeze Page Traffic Advice

I'm sort of stuck as to what my next step should be...here's the deal:

I have been selling a Clickbank product through PPC successfully. I have been using Affiliate Link Cloaker so when the ad is clicked, it appears like it is on my website but the traffic is sent directly to the merchant. I decided I would really like to start building a list since this is a profitable market.

I created a squeeze page promoting a mini course and have been sending traffic to that. I have been having good results with the page and even got a sale directly through my e-mail after only 16 subscribers! Needless to say I was stoked and now want to get more traffic going to the site besides PPC.

In this situation, what should my next step be? I'm thinking a Wordpress blog with articles...but would it be on the same domain? A different domain with a link to the squeeze page? Or none of these? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Nadine,

Please check the resource notes in Lesson 11: http://www.affilorama.com/members/video/less11.php

You need to add articles to your squeeze page site to avoid getting the large minimum bids that google will probably charge you sooner or later if you simply have a squeeze page.

That's the first thing to do!

Let me know if this makes sense,


PS I'm off to the states in a few hours so I won't be online for a day or so.
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