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spun article links

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spun article links

I have just started using magic article rewriter to spin my articles and submit them to various directories, I have read that an article should be spun at least 30% but I have been spinning mine 40% so am left with 60% duplicate content. When I compared two different spun versions of the original article I found that they were in the region of 90% duplicate content of each other. Is it true that say you submitted 20 spun versions of the same article to various directories Google would only count all of these as one link? Or can you achieve a better percentage between the spun versions so Google will look at these as separate , giving you more links?
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Google has become more and more sensitive about duplicate content so if you are going to spin articles spend extra time doing it well. I shoot for 60+ % unique from spinning which usually ends up being about 45-50 %. If your not going to prepare your articles very thoroughly your wasting your time. Google seems to only acknowledge 1 or 2 links from the highest PR pages out of maybe 100 articles if they feel that it is duplicate content. From what I have done it seems that the minimum % should be at least 40% unique. Also links from article sites are not as strong as they used to be so if your going to spin articles I suggest keeping them short (400-500 words) and really think as you rewrite them for spinning. Say the words out loud if you need to, to make sure that your sentences sound natural and they make sense with the one before it and the one after it.

If you spin your articles well you should get links from all of the articles that you submit. This will be a good base for link building but do not just rely on article links, you want to get links from other places like blogs and forums.

Hope this helps.
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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Yeah, I wouldn't bother with spinning just 40% because your end result is going to be far less than that per article (as you have discovered).

Manually rewriting every sentence or paragraph so that your articles are not only 90%+ spun but so that they also have different word counts and different paragraph lengths is also a great way to provide content that is obviously different to both the spiders and the readers.

You can still use Magic Rewriter for this, it just makes it easier to put the spin syntax in.
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