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Spinning articles and submission sites AMA and SEO linkvine

mark schaaf
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Spinning articles and submission sites AMA and SEO linkvine

Hi Guys, I haven't been doing this for a long time just a little less then a year and have learned a lot. And have learned a ton on mark lings site, even more then the place i joined and quit a while back. Anyhow my question is. In a few of Marks webinar's he had, he and one of his guest speakers mentioned a couple article spinning and submission sites. One was am automation the other was SEO link vine. I couldn't find out much information about AM automation from there site and they say the articles are sent to directories where SEO link vine showed a lot about how it works and that they submit there stuff to blogs. Am it 47 a month and link vine is 67 down from 97. both talk about how I could be in the top of google and yahoo search results but when i look for either of these two companies in a normal search for what i think there market would be neither are even in the top 10 pages. So the questions i have are, if these companies are so good then why don't either of them show up on page 1 of the search results. The other is if either of these products are really good should i pic the one that posts to blogs. MY other problem is there are a lot of people in this forum who don't like article spinning but I don't really have the time or money to wright enough to get 2 or 300 back links in any kind of short time. What does everyone suggest. Thanks Mark
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I wouldnt necessarily choose either am automation or seo linkvine. I have heard neutral reviews of both. I favor linxboss, and unique article wizard in that order. I currently do more with build my rank because it is the cheapest but I am soon switching to UAW then Linxboss when I want to rise up rankings on the first page.

If you are having trouble finding time to spin articles or even just to write them i highly suggest looking for a cheap article spinner. I currently do my spinning by hand which i feel is better for now. I have gotten a lot faster and better at it due to experience but a spinner may be better to use with UAW. Practicing with your spinning and writing articles is the only way to really amp up your article marketing. I have a money and time crunch too but I just got better at writing my articles.

Neither am automation nor seo linkvine are on the first page of google for many relevant keywords. They provide a service to their customer of whom many out rank their own site. Like I said though, I choose to invest in neither of these companies. Through extensive research I have found the companies that I listed above to be the best. Building links is a very slow and grinding process. Just getting into the flow of writing the articles needed can be the biggest initially hurdle, but thats just the start for things. You will get used to things as you gain a bit more experience.
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AMA, UAW, and SEOLinkV are all equally good, they all submit your spun articles to relevant blogs and which service to use will be a matter of personal preference.

Remember, though, that a service that submits your articles to blogs is only one facet of your link-building activities. You should not ignore article directories, such as, and commenting/posting on blogs and forums, as well as bookmarking and pinging. A well-rounded out backlinking strategy will get you optimal results.
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