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Spinning article to make 200 blogs for links good or bad.

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Spinning article to make 200 blogs for links good or bad.

This seems like it would be to good to be true but if you would write an article then spin it and use the spun versions to create blogs with links back to your site would these blogs in time turn out to be worth while links for boosting your rank in the S.E.'s? Even if they wouldn't would they help by getting direct traffic from them if they are SEO'ed well?
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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I wouldnt do it for 200 blogs. also you have to look at how you do it. Google isn't stupid. they can tell if you are running duplicate sites just to inflate rankings. Also, those blogs will have to be hosted on separate hosting servers meaning you need multiple hosting accounts from different webhosting companies. maybe doing a couple of blogs this way would help some but 200 would really be fishy looking, also, you would need to be able to promote all 200 of those blogs to get any traffic to them. which would be a nightmare, especially since they all have basically the same content.
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